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GREEN DREAMS ON THE BLUE HORIZON: Seattle Boat Show Features Only Yacht Brokerage Showcasing GREENLINE Hybrid Powered Yachts

Ocean Pacific Yachts, One of Seattle’s leading yacht brokerages, will be presenting an EXCLUSIVE display of the revolutionary Greenline Hybrid Powered Yachts.

As the authorized Northwest dealer for Greenline, Ocean Pacific Yachts is proud to be at the forefront of ushering in a new era of eco-conscious boating. Greenline Yachts feature innovative diesel electric hybrid technology that vastly improves the user experience by offering emission-less, silent cruising in electric mode. Greenline seamlessly blends its distinctive exterior designs, with luxurious, contemporary European interior styling that sets these yachts apart from any other on the water. Join us at our in-water display in Bell Harbor, slips C1, C3 and C5.

Seattle Boat Show visitors will be able to view the Greenline 39, 40 and 48 Flybridge at Bell Harbor Marina.

Andrew Trueblood, Owner of Ocean Pacific Yachts, expressed the significance of introducing hybrid power to the maritime industry. Trueblood stated, “We are excited to showcase Greenline Hybrid Powered Yachts at the Seattle Boat Show. The future of yachting is undeniably intertwined with sustainability if we want to keep our islands and anchorages as pristine as when we first discovered them. Greenline’s commitment to eco-friendly yachting aligns seamlessly with the future of yachting and our core values at Ocean Pacific Yachts.” 

Greenline has built over 800 boats since 2008 and is proud to be the only production builder of Hybrid Yachts offering a unique blend of performance, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. As the industry’s leader in hybrid technology and renowned for their pioneering approach to yacht design Greenline has recently introduced the new 6.0 Hybrid System with inline Permanent Magnet Electric Motors that can fast charge the vessels large lithium battery banks in a little over an hour in diesel mode. Switching propulsion modes between diesel and electric is as easy as pushing a button. Greenline also integrates the use of high output solar arrays in the cabin top on all models to offer quiet off the grid anchoring eliminating the need for a noisy secondary generator. There’s nothing more relaxing than a peaceful anchorage.

Trueblood further remarked, “Our collaboration with Greenline Yachts resonates with our commitment to offering the very best in maritime technology. The hybrid power system not only reduces the environmental footprint but also enhances the overall yachting experience. And not just that, the Hybrid System saves maintenance on the Diesel Engine because we are using them less and significantly increasing fuel economy. It’s about enjoying the journey while preserving the beauty of the waters we navigate.

To summarize, Greenline yachts are representing a shift in the industry, providing yacht enthusiasts with an environmentally responsible hybrid electric option. Greenline believes that Hybrid Power is the future of all marine propulsion systems in yachts going forward.

Visitors at the Seattle Boat Show can expect an immersive experience, where they can explore firsthand the future of yachting and the marriage of luxury with environmental consciousness.  Ocean Pacific Yachts invites you to come along to the Seattle Boat show and meet with our expert brokers to find out more about the future of yachting and options available within the Greenline portfolio.

For more information about Ocean Pacific Yachts and their exclusive showcase at the Seattle Boat Show, please visit.