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Boat Building Demo


A full-size stitch-and-glue boat kit building demo will take place daily (Booth: E1326) across the aisle from the kid’s toy boat building activity in the Youth Boating/Kids Zone. A fully assembled 10’ rowing/sailing dinghy will be built from a plywood kit during the 9-day run of the show. When complete, it will be raffled off to a guest attendee of the show.

100% of the raffle proceeds will be donated to the participating non-profit organizations providing volunteers to help with the boat building demo and kids toy boat building activities. The raffle winner not only wins the demo boat but gets to choose which of the participating maritime nonprofits receives the proceeds from the raffle! Or, they can choose how to divide up the proceeds between multiple organizations should they wish to support multiple nonprofits.


Support of the Boat Building Demo and Kids Toy Boat Building activities provided by;

Gig Harbor Boat Works (Booth: W37)

Duckworks Boat Builders Supply (Booth: E1227)