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Antique & Classic Boat Display

Featuring Conny from "The Boats in the Boat"

Antique and Classic Boats Display

Antique and Classic Boats

Step back in time and wander a collection of restored antique and classic boats. Each vessel has its own unique story and showcases the skill and craftsmanship of generations past. The Pacific Northwest chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS) will have a display in booth East 1313. Come admire the boats and/or engage with knowledgeable restoration enthusiasts!

Conny, the former UW Crew Coaches Boat

Come see Conny, a 28’ cedar boat built for the University of Washington Crew team, and named for famed rowing coach Hiram B. Conibear. Conny put in many years of service on the UW crew team as the coaches’ boat and is prominently featured in the recently released movie adaption of the bestselling book “The Boys in the Boat,” produced by George Clooney.

Conny ended her days with the UW crew team in the spring of 1971 when two members of the team decided to take their dates out for an evening cruise on Lake Washington without permission. The coaches would never have known, except for a bad accident that resulted in injuries on the other boat and left Conny to rot for many years on the UW Campus.