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Boating in Canada

Everything you need to know

Canadian Border Open for travel

The Canadian border is now open for non-essential travel for vaccinated Americans. We understand that this also includes private boats crossing at Marine entry points. We saw reports of boats crossing the border yesterday, although with long wait times.

In addition to proof of an authorized Covid vaccination, you will also need proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival at the Marine entry point. The best place to get all the details about what you will need to do is the CBSA website, see the link below. There is a ton of information on this site so be sure to review it thoroughly before you travel – to include which marine reporting sites are open.

CBSA- Crossing the Border or Travelling through Canada 

CBSA Reporting Requirements for Private Boaters

Current information is stating that Covid testing will not be done at Marine entry points – but as always these procedures are subject to change. Different Canadian Provinces may have additional requirements and/or restrictions. It’s recommended that you call ahead to your destination.

For transit through Canadian waters, non-essential travelers may still enter Canada to transit between two US locations as long as the travel is direct and expeditious. Boats may still Transit-Through British Columbia with rest period anchoring stops, for fuel stops, and provisioning stops; OR by non-stop Pass-Through. Our friends at the Waggoner Guide have a great article on this topic, click below to read.

U.S. Citizens/Residents returning home to U.S. waters via private boat are not currently required to present a negative Covid test – again, these procedures are subject to change.

The below links also have useful information:

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