Chef Taichi Kitamura is the executive chef and co-owner of Sushi Kappo Tamura in Seattle. He trained under his mentor Shiro Kashiba for years and worked at I Love Sushi before starting Chiso in Fremont in 2001. Almost most a decade later, Taichi sold Chiso and opened Sushi Kappo Tamura in 2010. He has been featured in numerous publications, won various awards, and recently appeared on Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay.” In the episode, Kitamura came away victorious, winning the first round over David deCastro with a porterhouse steak and later besting Bobby Flay with kurobuta pork pot stickers and sea urchin sauce.

“Bobby Flay was very nice,” Kitamura said. “It was surreal when I defeated him. He gave me a hug. This is the man who was the most notorious American chef in Japan in the 90’s. Now he is hugging me.”

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