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Sunday Jan 31, 9:55 am

Sunday Jan 31, 10:00 am

To catch the varied species of fish in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to understand the habitat and structure in which these critters reside. Tune in to Saltwater Structure Strategies for an overview from Tom Nelson of 710 ESPN The Outdoor Line radio show. Don’t forget your note pad!

Sunday Jan 31, 11:00 am

There’s a reason Dave Graybill is known as “The Fishin’ Magician”. Having grown up in Central Washington and fished virtually every square inch of water in Central Washington over the last 50 years, he’s developed personal relationships with all of these fish species and knows exactly what meetings to show up for with these “friends” of his, and at what time. Some call it hypnosis, others call it magic, either way, he’s got them well-trained to follow his orders and you don’t want to miss this seminar as The Fishin’ Magician reveals all of his favorite places to fish in Central Washington. Welcome aboard, in beautiful Central Washington!

Sunday Jan 31, 12:00 pm

Tommy Donlin, Defiance Boats and Raymarine Pro Staff Captain has a wealth of knowledge on coastal and offshore fishing action. As a tournament Captain since 2010, his aggressive pursuit of halibut, lingcod, salmon and tuna have led to refined and highly effective tactics. The Washington tuna fishery is world class with absolutely wide-open bites that will surely lead to sore arms. Join him, as he shares in great detail, his systematic and successful approach to fishing that will be sure to put fish on your boat.

Sunday Jan 31, 12:25 pm

Sunday Jan 31, 1:00 pm

Keith Robbins, owner of A Spot Tail Salmon in Seattle, will provide tips and secrets on how to catch salmon with one of the oldest techniques that was first used by the Japanese Americans in Elliott Bay and Puget Sound way before and right after World War II. Robbins is one of the last fishing guides to strictly use this way of catching salmon in Puget Sound. Feeling the “bite” with your salmon rod in hand as the fish takes your bait is one of the most exciting ways to hook a fish.

Sunday Jan 31, 2:00 pm

Crabbing is one of Puget Sound’s most popular recreational fisheries, and for good reason! Each year, sport fishers catch more than 1.5 million pounds of Dungeness crab, using pots, ring nets, and – in the case of wade and dive fishers – even their bare hands. Join Tom Nelson of 710 ESPN The Outdoor Line as he gets you dialed in for Dungeness crabbing in this action-packed seminar.

Sunday Jan 31, 2:55 pm

Sunday Jan 31, 3:00 pm

Coho salmon fishing can be tricky. And that’s where Conner Martinis, owner of John’s Sporting Goods tackle shop in Everett, WA comes in. In this informative presentation, Conner will unleash his tricks for getting these high-flying fish to bite. With a lifetime of experience under his belt, and mentorship from Puget Sound fishing legend and author of The Saltwater Fishing Journal John Martinis, Conner has all the information you need to be a successful Coho salmon angler. Tune in!

Sunday Jan 31, 4:00 pm

John Keizer, Northwest Lowrance Fishing Team Captain, will cover how to install and setup your sonar to get the best quality images of fish displayed in various fishing environments and depth ranges.

Sunday Jan 31, 5:00 pm

If you’ve ever fished in the San Juan’s, you’ve surely fished next to Captain Chris Long, owner of Jolly Mon Charters in Anacortes. With Chris’s more than 10 years of experience as a charter captain in the spectacular San Juan Islands, he is like a walking, human sonar that always knows where the bait and fish are stacked up. There’s a lot of water to cover in the San Juan’s, listen to Chris’s tips and tricks to ensure a more successful San Juan Islands fishing trip for you and your friends.

Sunday Jan 31, 5:25 pm

Sunday Jan 31, 6:00 pm

Captain Del Stephens travels the west coast ruining marriages and bank accounts one tuna seminar after another.
The deep – sea version of fishing remedies — peddled by a man called Tuna Dog — has anglers ditching their salmon gear and conventional boats for stout rods, heavy lines and big boats that can run 50 miles offshore to partake in the Northwest’s fastest growing salty adventure.
Teaching people a whole new line of bad habits – all it takes is one albacore feeding frenzy – with screaming reels and a bloody boat deck – to turn any anglers curiosity into an addiction and when they get hooked — it’s welcome to the Dark Side. The Dark Side is coming to the Seattle Boat Show.Tune in for the grand finale, Part 4.

750 miles. Icy water. No motors. No support. Described as “the Iditarod on a boat with a chance of drowning or being eaten by a Grizzly bear,” this epic endurance race attracts the intrepid and unhinged who find their edge along a coastline that is as punishing as it is beautiful.

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Sunday Jan 31, 7:00 pm

Vancouver Island is a fishing paradise. From lakes and streams, to endless saltwater options, there’s something for everyone. Its endless opportunity and jaw-dropping beauty is captured in this segment put together by Fishing BC. Prepare to be amazed.

Sunday Jan 31, 7:15 pm

Can’t make Friday’s showing of the this terrific seminar? Here’s your second chance! Spend a day on Puget Sound with lifetime Seattle angler Keith Robbins of A Spot Tail Guide Service as he takes us through the history of fishing in Seattle before heading out on the water for on-the-water demonstrations on fly fishing for sea run cutthroat trout and mooching for salmon. You don’t want to miss this!