At Slumber Ease Mattress Factory we have been designing premium mattresses for over 60 years. We can design a custom mattress entirely according to your specifications in terms of size, need, and taste. Various materials are intended for different purposes. We source and purchase materials of the highest quality, and we combine them to produce the most comfortable sleeping experience. Our mattresses are unique, made-to-order around each customer’s needs and preferences. Selecting the right fitting is important. We will help you choose between plush innerspring, latex foam, or visco-elastic (memory) foam. We take pride in being a local company that serves clients nationally, and ensuring that all mattresses are produced at our factory in the Pacific Northwest. Additional products and services we offer include; foam cut to size, Hypervent (anti-condensation pads) and upholstery work.
Brands: Exi-Cushion replacement foams, HyperVent, Slumber Ease Custom Mattresses
Services: Cabin & Galley Equipment | Mattresses & Comfort Furnishings