Boating's Greatest Thing-a-ma-bob - Seattle Boat Show

Boating’s Greatest Thing-a-ma-bob

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See it in East Hall, Booth 1210.

We’ve hired an expert to design and build a contraption that makes boating even more enjoyable! Showgoers will be delighted by the impractical, unnecessary and over-engineered masterpiece being constructed across all 9 show days (and no, it’s not a boat!).

Zach Umperovitch, the world’s leading authority on Chain Reaction Machines and three-time Guinness World Record holder, will invent and construct a Rube Goldberg inspired machine for boaters. One part physics and three parts whimsy, Zach’s contraption will use kinetic energy and audience enthusiasm to string, couple, and join together a kooky chain reaction that will entertain and delight even the most serious boaters. Zach is the Creator & Co-Host of Discovery Channel’s “Contraption Masters” TV Show.


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